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     interviewed by robby sumner  
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MP3 - "Days Remembered..."
       Interview with Joe
       September 26th, 2004

Nick Veltre -
Leo Murcia - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Kopec - Guitar
Dan Wargo - Bass
Joe Geis - Drums
E: A Match Like Memory is a powerful band with music that's more than ready to burst into the scene... how long has it taken to develop your style and sound?
Joe: Well, AMLM formed about two years ago, and since then, we have grown as individuals and musicians, and I think that shows in our music. We are always growing and changing. We try not to write with a certain style or sound in mind, we write music that we like, and music that expresses how we feel.
E: Do you take a lot from various influences?
Joe: Yes. As generic as it seems to say, we listen to all different types of music. Everything from Evergreen Terrace, to Billy Joel, to Brand New. All the bands we listen to have a direct influence on us and the musicians we are today.
E: Would you say that at this point you are still capable of being influenced by bands you hear?
Joe: Yeah, I would say so. I mean, tomorrow one of us might hear of a new band that they begin to really get into. That band could influence that member, and possibly change the way he plays or the way he writes. This in turn would change the whole band. We see change as a good thing.
E: Does the band write a lot?
Joe: Yes, lately we have been writing like crazy. We are going to be independently recording and releasing an EP this fall/winter. So we have been preparing and getting ready for that. It�s most likely going to have six songs, mostly brand new songs, and possibly re-recording some older ones.
E: How many shows have you been playing?
Joe: We've been playing about two or three a month the last few months, and it�s looking about the same for October and November. Its been real awesome though, good shows with good bands, where a lot have kids have come out, and we've gotten real good responses. We are currently working on booking a winter tour on the east coast for December/January.
E: Do you believe a band can be successful regardless of the costliness and quality of its equipment?
Joe: Yeah I do. I mean live wise, it always sounds and looks better if you have nice expensive equipment. Which means your recordings will more or less sound better as well. But I don't believe the equipment makes the band.
E: Is it your opinion that in a local scene, the bands cooperate and help each other succeed? Or is it more of an anarchist rivalry?
Joe: When we first started as a band, we always had other bands helping us out, whether it is with places to record, playing shows, etc. And I know now, we are also helping out younger bands that need a little guidance and motivation to get to where they want to be. And that�s how the local scene should be. It isn�t always about that though. It�s sickening when you see bands fighting with other bands over real little things that will mean nothing in a week.
E: Have most of your experiences as a group been positive?
Joe: Yeah. I mean every band has problems and disagreements. And every band will go through hard times. But if you want it bad enough, it�s just something that you need to get through no matter how hard it is. Early on in the band, we lost our singer and we thought it was the end, but then we found Nick and everything fell into place perfectly. The band is all about good times and good music.
E: Have there been signs of a growing fanbase?
Joe: Yes definitely. PureVolume has helped us out so much with expanding our fanbase. We were so used to seeing the same faces at our shows. But now the best part of playing a show is seeing and meeting new people who you know enjoy and appreciate your music. It's something that we take seriously, and it really feels good to talk to the fans, and see them singing along, dancing, and having a good time.
E: What expectations did you have at the band's start that you think are being exceeded?
Joe: We started the band for fun, maybe even something to just pass time. I would have never thought that touring was even possible back then, I would have never thought that we would have over twenty-five thousand song plays in just a few months, or that people would actually contact us to play shows. Going out with your friends, and being recognized, or seeing someone with your band's shirt on is just a great feeling, that I would have never expected to feel.
E: Well, good luck with everything, and thanks for a good interview.
Joe: Thank you man. It means a lot.