We couldn't decide on an interview or a review today... // June 18th, 2006
...so we have both! We have a really fun interview with Tyler Read and a review of the great new album from The Forecast.

Interview time! // June 12th, 2006
Our newest addition is a piece with Permanent Me, whose EP Dear Virginia was released about three weeks ago.

Before you run off to the beach... // June 9th, 2006
Start off the summer with a great pair of reviews: Near Miss from Andrew, and The Sound of Animals Fighting from Chung. Lots more to come really soon!

The Hush Sound interview! // June 4th, 2006
Hey, if you're living under a rock and don't realize how huge The Hush Sound is sure to get, go read our interview with Greta. If you're already a fan... check it out anyway! If you've heard them but you weren't really impressed... wow, high standards.

Two new reviews by Chung of bands with 3 letters in their name. // June 4th, 2006
Hey, we've got new reviews up for the latest Zao release (which is out the 13th) and for the newest effort by AFI, which is out 6-6-06.

Features changeover. // June 1st, 2006
Right on time, we have our new features up for the month of June. Our Featured Release is the new self-titled full length from No Milk Records' Sleepaway, which we've been loving and hope you will love, too. There's some really great song commentary up on that page, so check it out.
Along with our download for them, we have songs up from Jet Lag Gemini, Gatsby Gets The Green Light, and an exclusive from the Finals. Give them all a listen! Some reviews coming soon.

Interview with Mae // May 31st, 2006
It's with great happiness that I tell you we have a new interview up with Mae, a band I've hoped to work with for quite a long time. Questions were answered brilliantly for the band by Jacob and we hope you enjoy it--this is another band we're crossing off the list of ambitions.

Splinterview without the 'spl.' // May 28th, 2006
You should definitely listen to Satisfaction while reading our brand-new interview with them, posted conveniently on none other than our interviews page. We live to make you happy.

Hooray! // May 22nd, 2006
If you've been looking for more of Jonah Matranga after reading our recent review of his solo release (we don't blame you), have we ever got something for you! Check out the interview with him that we've just posted. If you weren't already won over by Jonah, this should do the trick.

Some reviews--always exciting! // May 22nd, 2006
Two new reviews for you--Crash Romeo by Chung and the new David Melillo EP by Andrea. Our next interview? Amazing.

Photographers wanted! // May 22nd, 2006
Okay, so it's not a huge change, but you'll notice a little tweaking on the mainpage. This includes a slight change-up of our menu... most prominently, I'd like to introduce the addition of our Photography section. This has been an idea we've bounced around for a while, and I'm excited to see it get set up. The photography gallery that is currently up is still in the "beta" stage (isn't that what you call a page if it's still being worked on while available to the public?)
So here's the exciting news: We're hiring some photographers, so if you're interested, it's a pretty cushy job (free tickets to shows you have a say in, press passes, etc.)
If you're interested, e-mail [email protected] or IM the screen name xEuphoniax. Serious inquiries only--looking forward to seeing who's interested.

A new interview! // May 17th, 2006
If you've been yearning to find about more about Two Shots of Rye, one of this month's featured download bands, here's your chance! We've got a stellar interview with three-quarters of the band, available for your viewing pleasure only a few clicks away. Remember to download the feature track if you haven't already--it's only available here until the end of the month!

Music Saves Lives // May 15th, 2006

This year more than ever, the Red Cross is in urgent need of more blood donors in the SoCal area. If you're 17 or older, please consider donating. In return, you will receive a fantastic compilation CD that Andrea has reviewed. Please, take the small amount of time and put forth the tiny amount of effort--it will save a life.

Halifax review. // May 15th, 2006
It's always very exciting when Joe graces us with a review, so check out his thoughts on the new Halifax album, The Inevitability of a Strange World.

New interview--ActionReaction! // May 13th, 2006
We have an interview up with Jason Gleason, former singer for Further Seems Forever and current frontman for a great band called ActionReaction. This is a really good interview if you want to learn a bit about the driving force behind the group's music, and don't forget you can also check out Andrea's review of their first tour EP.

More reviews. // May 13th, 2006
We have three new reviews up... a review of the new Transition record to go along with this month's feature starring them. We also have a review up for the Remembering Never album that came out a while ago. Last but not least, we feel very privileged to bring you a review of the new Underoath album that will be out this coming June. If you want to know what to expect, that's a must-read.
Exciting interviews coming up. Thanks for bearing with us.

A couple of reviews for you. // May 9th, 2006
We have some reviews for a few of the releases that are coming out around now--
Punchline's exciting new release (Andrew), as well as the newest albums by Roses are Red, Escape the Fate, and boysetsfire (Chung). More on the way, of course.

Retractions are for lovers. I guess. // May 8th, 2006
We've said a few places that the new Transition album is coming out on the 11th--it's actually coming out tomorrow, on the 9th. You can own it two days earlier! Expect a review for it soon. (Have you seen the pretty new layout on the reviews page? Old one was getting a bit monochromatic.)

New features for the month of May. // May 5th, 2006
Hey kids, here's what we've got for May:
Transition's album, out May 11th, is our featured release. If you haven't already heard these guys, now's your chance. If you have, good for you! Head over to the feature and check out our usual song commentary for the record by Dan.
Featured downloads for this month are Transition, Two Shots of Rye, All Time Low, and Anchors For Arms. All of these are bands who will break out hard with their next releases, so enjoy them now.
Lots more along the way... happy Cinco de Mayo, and thanks visiting the site!

Yes, an interview! // May 3rd, 2006
We've got a nice interview piece up with Fetterline, who released a debut full-length worth checking out and has even bigger stuff coming your way. A definite recommendation.

Our next post will be a new interview, I swear. // May 2nd, 2006
We have four more reviews for you... Chung has done pieces on two small bands that I think really have potential: Thursday and Taking Back Sunday. He gives his opinion of the new albums by both.
Nick also did a review of the new album by Versus the Mirror, who just released a full-length on Equal Vision Records.
Finally, I (Robby) did a review of the new Rookie of the Year album, The Goodnight Moon. This record means a lot to me, so definitely hear what I have to say and give it a listen if you haven't already.

Even more reviews! // April 30th, 2006
The newest additions to our reviews page:
Plain White Ts (Andrew),
ActionReaction (Andrea),
Division Day, and Against All Authority (Larry).

R-E-V-I-E-W-S!! // April 22nd, 2006
On today's menu: Strike.Fire.Fall (Andrew), Cue the Doves, and Jonah Matranga (both Andrea). Be on the lookout for a really cool new part of the site as well as some new interviews soon. Happy Earth Day!

A few new reviews. // April 11th, 2006
Chung's got two reviews for you... a not-so-glowing piece on the recent duo of releases by Bullet For My Valentine and a review of the new Atreyu album, two years after he reviewed The Curse. Check them out... interviews on the way, honestly.

Today is a day for lovers. // April 2nd, 2006
Also, Nick has two reviews for you to check out if you're interested... Hell Promise and the new Anti-Flag.

New features up! // April 1st, 2006
It's the first of the month, so you know what that means... new features! For our downloads, we have songs up by Cue The Doves, New Atlantic, So They Say, and Rookie Of The Year. ROTY is our new featured band, so go check out our "Featured Release" section to read up on the inspiration behind each song on the new album! Some great reviews to come, not to mention interviews.

New interview - Affirmative, Cameraman! // March 30th, 2006
We love every band that we work with here at the site, but some bands stand out as going-somewhere-fast, and one of those bands is definitely Affirmative, Cameraman!. While still surprisingly young, they have a debut EP coming out that shows amazing potential. Check out the interview we just put up with the band, and if you're curious, you still have a few more days to download one of their songs on our featured download sidebar.

The Legion of Doom // March 29th, 2006
Have you guys heard the new digital album by The Legion of Doom? Andrea has, and she loved it--check out an in-depth review for all fourteen stellar mash-ups of scene favorites.
In case you've been wondering why updates have been scarce these past 10 days or so, it isn't because we're slacking off--just preparing for some great new features we can't wait to release.

Mike Cubillos is a buddy. // March 18th, 2006
An exciting new interview with the next big thing out there... We Are The Fury. If you haven't heard them, hear them. We have some reviews coming up pretty soon, but enjoy these interviews for now.

Yet another interview. // March 16th, 2006
Hey, we have a new piece up for you with Folly. If you're into a real rock-your-face kind of music, they're a great band for you to check out off Triple Crown Records. Peace.